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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures

1. Participate and Have Fun!

Students are to participate in all activities and do their best.

2. Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself.

Students must keep their hands and feet off of other students.

3. When Miss Strachan is talking, I am not.

When the teacher is talking, students are expected to listen to what she is saying so they understand the content that is being covered as well as any directions that are being given.

4. Be respectful of Others and Myself.

The "Golden Rule".  Please treat others the way you want to be treated.

When students are not following the rules:

1. Verbal Warning.

When students are breaking a classroom rule or an item on their Social Contract, students will be given a verbal warning and notified what they are doing wrong. 

2. Lose Points.

When students walk into the music room, they are given 10 points for the day.  If students misbehave after they are given a warning, they lose a point.  If it happens again, they lose another point.  Students are aware of how points work in the music classroom. 

3. Talk with Miss Strachan after class.

If a student fails to follow directions after a verbal warning, the student will be kept after class and spoken to.  We will come up with a plan for next class so the behavior improves.

4. Phone Call Home.

If a student continues to misbehave after a warning, points being taken away, and coming up with a behavior plan, the parents will be notified by a phone call. 

5. Go to Principal. 

If the student continues to misbehave after a warning, points being taken away, coming up with a behavior plan, and calling home, they will be sent to the principal.  If the student does somehting completely out of line during class, they may be sent to the principal without the above steps. 

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