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About Janine Varnes

Hello!  My name is Janine Varnes and I am a second grade teacher at McDermott Elementary.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University. This is my third year teaching at McDermott Elementary and living in Liberal, Kansas.  I got married this past year and live in town with my wonderful husband, Justin and our energetic puppy, Klein!

My favorite thing to do is run!  After a busy day, I enjoy running to reflect on what I have accomplished and how I can make the next day even better.  I am actually training for my first marathon this year in St. Loiuis!  I also can never get enough of being outside!  Since I am from Michigan, I sure do miss the endless rows of trees changing colors and the many lakes you can fish in!

The moment I crossed the threshold from the community to my school I entered a safe zone where I could express myself in a positive manner.  Teachers encouraged me to be proud of who I am.  They provided me a place where I had the opportunity to prepare myself for the challenges they knew I was going to one day overcome.  I have learned that education is not only about learning facts, but it’s about learning who you are, what you want to become, and how you are going to achieve your goals.

Being in the field of education is an honor and it presents me with the opportunity to be the difference for children.  Teaching is about relationships, being mentally and physically available with an open mind and heart.  My classroom is a bright, welcoming environment that encourages students to be creative, honest, open-minded, responsible, confident, and committed to their future success.  They learn how to be independent and a member of a community through investigations and experiences they encounter.

While each student is diverse and unique in his/her own way, they deserve to be individually challenged, to push themselves to become stronger students.  While this is a difficult task, I know it can be achieved with my content knowledge, passion, dedication, patience, and the ability to recognize and problem solve for and in the classroom.  I know it is imperative to incorporate differentiated learning into each lesson so each student can successfully understand the content that is being presented. 

For sixteen years, my dream had been to be dedicated and to be a leader in a stronger and prospering education system for our nation’s youth.  I’m honored to finally have the opportunity to make that a reality.



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