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About Valerie Doze

My name is Valerie Doze.  I was born in Garden City, Kansas, but moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, with my parents when I was very young.  I grew up in Colorado Springs and graduated from Widefield High School in 1979.  I attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.  I graduated in 1983, with a BA in Elementary Education and Special Education (MR emphasis).  I moved to Liberal, Kansas,  in 1984, when I began teaching at West Junior High.  I taught at West for 12 years before I transferred to McKinley Elementary in 1996.  I transferred to McDermott Elementary in 1997 and am still teaching there today.  I have always taught in special services classrooms and still enjoy the students that I serve and the new challenges they bring to the classroom every day.

I am married to my husband, Derwin, and have two sons, Killian and Quade.    We all love animals and have lots of pets that live at our house (3 dogs, a ferret, a turtle and a fish).  My husband and sons like to go 4 -wheeling, but if I go along I usually take a book to read.   I have four brothers that all still live in Colorado Springs, in the same neighborhood I grew up in.  I visit them as often as possible.  Even though Liberal has been my home for many years, I still miss being able to see the mountains whenever I look out the window.  There is nothing more beautiful that the Rocky Mountains when they are covered with snow.

Valerie Doze

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