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Booster Club

McDermott Booster Club  

Mission Statement: "Helping to make McDermott Elementary School a wonderful place to nurture lifelong learners."

Vanessa Reever, President
Jennifer McCloud, Treasurer

The purpose of the McDermott Booster Club is to promote pride and parental involvement in our wonderful school. With this in mind, we had a very successful third annual watermelon social at the McDermott Elementary School playground. We also a host family night two times a year, which our students and parents look forward to and so do we.

McDermott Booster Club is made possible thanks to our very supportive principal Mrs. Fitzgerald, teachers, staff and our great parent volunteers. 

With the help of our students, parents, teachers and our community we have been able to provide the school with new playground equipment, school marquee and a new swing set. We also help by funding drug awareness week items and school wide Santa sacks before winter break. To show our appreciation we have staff appreciation gifts and activities throughout the year.

To make our school as wonderful as it is, it takes the whole school to work together as a family, from our custodians, lunch ladies, office staff, paras and teachers who work so hard for our students. The Booster Club realizes that without them, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission statement of helping to make McDermott Elementary School a wonderful place to nurture lifelong learners.